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Unveiling the Melodic Odyssey of Vicky Flint: A Journey through Music

Updated: Apr 5

In the heart of the music world lies a melodic odyssey, one punctuated by jazz-funk-soul trumpet, saxophone and flute riffs, and soulful vocals, lead and backing. In the middle, stands a luminary musician, none other than Vicky Flint. Today, we embark on a voyage through the musical tapestry of Vicky Flint, exploring the depths of her talent, the breadth of her experience, and the passion that fuels her artistic journey.

An Early Profile

It all started young. Hearing everything from Songs in the Key of Life to Sergeant Pepper on her mum's record player; then later, early hip-hop to old school 80's soul coming from her brother's bedroom. From the moment she first listened to Roy Hargrove's horns, all over records like Voodoo by D'Angelo and Like Water for Chocolate by Common, she knew that this was WHY, and that the trumpet was something that she NEEDED to dedicate herself to.

Growth and Expansion

As the musical journey unfolded, so too did the repertoire of instruments. Picking up a saxophone at 13, this has always been there, holding force in the background to back up any needs for Sax in a band or DJ needing accompaniment.

Then, around ten years ago, the flute was added to the mix, simply out of a fascination with the sound and just loving how it sounded alongside muted trumpet. She uses all these tools in collaboration in the studio, and on stage along with backing and lead vocals.

You can hear Vicky's sax and flute on the 'Crown' EP released in 2023 by Kyle Hall and Steven Julien here.

Reputation and Creative Artistry

Over the years, Vicky has carved several niches for herself in the music industry. From sold-out concert halls to intimate jazz clubs, Vicky's playing leaves an indelible impression. Her collaborations with renowned artists such as Barry Adamson, The Dub Pistols, alongside her solo endeavors alike, come with much acclaim.

Fuelled by a relentless passion for her craft, she continues to push the boundaries of her artistry. Whether she's writing new music, experimenting with new sounds, or mentoring the next generation of musicians, she's always looking to explore new genres, avenues of expression and push musical limits.

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