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New Website Now Live! Welcome :-)

Updated: Apr 5

Hi all - Welcome to my new site. please contact me if you are looking for any of the below:

  • Female Trumpet Player/Trumpeter

  • Female Sax Player/Saxophonist

  • Female Flute Player/Flautist

  • Female Vocals (Lead & Backing)

  • Session Musician

  • Session Trumpet Player/Trumpeter

  • Session Saxophonist/Sax Player

  • Session Flute Player/Flautist

  • Sax/Saxophonist and DJ

  • Trumpet/Trumpeter and DJ

  • Gig Session Trumpet Player/Trumpeter.

  • Gig Session Sax Player/Saxophonist.

Please have a look at my Music page to hear samples of my playing and also my debut album 'My Life' available to buy on Bandcamp and all other major streaming platforms!

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