Vicky Goes Into The Big Brother House!

I just had a fun day with some of my friends in The Fulham Brass Band – we were lucky enough to go into the Big Brother house to partake in a task called ‘Ignore The Obvious’ – The housemates had to ignore everything that was going on around them – including some mad distractions like a male stripper, one of the housemate’s grandparents dressed as Santa, and us the loud brash brass band marching round the house! I did my best to distract as many of them as possible by going right up to them and parping loudly in their faces! But they were very good and managed to ignore us very well!

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08/02/11 10:46

Andy Geeeee

Ceeeee… OMG I watched this and can’t believe I didn’t recognise you. Ha ha.
Nice site by the way 🙂

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